A tier, by definition, is one of a series of rows placed one above another.

The name 6 Tiers literally uses the definition of a tier to declare our name and direct our mission. Instead of “a series of rows,” we developed “a series of principles” that we plan to showcase when we are working with you. These six principles are: rapport, quality, due diligence, follow through, follow up, and trust.

Rapport is the foundation of our company. It can be expected that we take the time to make you feel comfortable, as if we met before, which can be achieved through active listening. Listening to our client’s needs help us to find solutions and creative ways to help achieve success. After building a rapport, we will focus on quality investments that will bring you closer to your end goal. Once we narrow down choices for you, we do our due diligence, ensuring that the product is in alignment with what you are looking for. Once the choices have been narrowed down, one of the most important tiers is the follow through. We work feverishly to lock down the investment that will enhance your portfolio. The follow-up comes next, and through this process we hope to establish a long-time friendship between you and our company. Even though a transaction is complete, we will continue to check-in with you to see how everything is going with your investment, and also to see if you may need further help. The last tier is the most crucial one: trust, and without it you have nothing. We look forward to infusing our 6 Tiers’ principles into your investing experience while staying focused on your end goal.