December 2015

Dealing with probate

  website: Author: Harvey Jones   When a close relative or friend dies they will leave behind an awful lot of paperwork. Getting a medical certificate, registering the death and arranging a funeral is only the start of it; the…

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Seller Financing

website: Real Estate Owner Financing Seller financing is a great tool to have as an option for investing in rental property. Real estate owner finacing is typically used to buy raw land since banks generally don’t loan money for…

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Buyers and Sellers can both win! Seller Carry Back

site: Author: Sarah Davis Seller Carry Backs: Finance a Home Without a Mortgage   Most people have never even heard of a seller carry back, yet it can really pay to understand this real estate strategy. What is a seller…

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What will it take to be self-made?

site: Author: Steve Siebold I’m a self-made millionaire, and here are the 10 best pieces of advice I can give you about money About six months ago my wife and I decided to turn our North Georgia summer retreat into…

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