October 2015

Success in real estate investing

Q: I’m thinking about investing in some real estate. What should I do and know to be successful? A: Cable television programs like Flip This House, Income Property and Vacation House for Free have more people these days thinking that…

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How to Motivate Yourself to Massive Action

website: Author: Tina Su It’s the action behind the attraction that makes the wish come true Powerful motivation comes in understanding that you can achieve anything you truly desire in your heart. It is the knowledge that you are destined…

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Student Test Scores Show That ‘Grit’ Is More Important Than IQ

website: Author:Aimee Groth What’s the best predictor of success? IQ, talent, luck? Nope. It’s ‘grit,’ more than anything else. Through her research at the University of Pennsylvania — and firsthand experience teaching in New York City’s public schools —psychologist Angela…

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